Výrobce: Asics
Kód produktu: T4H7N 4601

2 345 Kč s DPH, Běžná cena 4 690 Kč , Ušetříte 2 345 Kč s DPH (50%) Skladem Praha

Běžná cena: 4 690 Kč - Ušetříte: 2 345 Kč
2 345 Kč s DPH,
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Velikost Asics (ž) Dostupnost Cena s DPH Množství (ks)
38 EURO/5 UK/7 US/24 cm Skladem Praha 2 345 Kč

This shoe has racked up more than 20 years of success on the road, helping overpronators stay stable and comfortable over long distances. The GEL-KAYANO hugs your feet and cushions the impact to make your 26th mile as comfortable as your first.

It's the go-to shoe for your longest training runs, and to build up extra speed come race day you can combine it with one of our fastest running shoes, the DS TRAINER.

Protect your feet from impact with GEL cushioning
Enjoy a light, bouncy feel as you run thanks to the lightweight structure
Stay comfortable with a snug fit that prevents slipping and rubbing
The 21st edition of the iconic KAYANO running shoe

normální - zvýšená
Rozdíl výšky pata-špička
13 mm

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