Výrobce: Asics
Kód produktu: T7B2N 9790

3 140 Kč s DPH, Běžná cena 3 490 Kč , Ušetříte 350 Kč s DPH (10%) Do 10 prac. dnů

Běžná cena: 3 490 Kč - Ušetříte: 350 Kč
3 140 Kč s DPH,
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320 g
Rozdíl výšky pata-špička:
10 mm
nedostatečná - normální
Velikost Asics (m) Dostupnost Cena s DPH Množství (ks)
41,5 EURO/7 UK/8 US/26 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
42 EURO/7,5 UK/8,5 US/26,5 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
42,5 EURO/8 UK/9 US/27 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
43,5 EURO/8,5 UK/9,5 US/27,5 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
44 EURO/9 UK/10 US/28 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
44,5 EURO/9,5 UK/10,5 US Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
45 EURO/10 UK/11 US/28,5 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
46 EURO/10,5 UK/11,5 US/29 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
46,5 EURO/11 UK/12 US/29,5 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
47 EURO/11,5 UK/12,5 US/30 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
48 EURO/12 UK/13 US/30,5 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč
49 EURO/13 UK/14 US/31 cm Do 10 prac. dnů 3 140 Kč

Ideal for medium to high mileage runners, the GT-1000 6 G-TX running shoe for men offers maximum comfort and cushioning for each step. The comfortable 10mm heel drops keeps your foot at natural angle while the visible rear foot GEL provides cushioning and support for over pronators.

The full engineered mesh upper construction on the next generation GT-1000 ensures a better fit and modern good looks. The Duomax – a proprietary ASICS system that consists of two different density midsole materials – is designed to provide smooth over pronation control. The supreme midsole material, SpEVA improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown.

Thanks to the seamless Gore-Tex fabric upper, which makes the GT-1000 6 G-TX waterproof and breathable rain, slushy snow and lingering puddles will become part of your running adventure as you let nothing stand in the way of your run.

The Gore-Tex fabric keeps water on the outside of the shoe while allowing heat and perspiration to escape, ensuring your feet stay ventilated, cool and dry. These repellent properties, along with the removable ComforDry Sockliner - which provides cushioning performance and anti-microbial properties - create an all-round healthier environment for your feet.

320 g

  • 10mm heel drop
  • Gore-Tex waterproof upper
  • Lightweight
  • Medium to high mileage runners
  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Better fit
  • New upper construction
  • Stability
  • Higher density lasting and stobel
  • Duomax
  • Basenet
  • Platform
  • Visible rearfoot GEL
  • Ortholite last sockliner
nedostatečná - normální
Rozdíl výšky pata-špička
10 mm
320 g

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