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Kód produktu: 144022 0904-2

855 Kč s DPH, Běžná cena 950 Kč , Ušetříte 95 Kč s DPH (10%) 5 - 15 prac. dní

Běžná cena: 950 Kč - Ušetříte: 95 Kč
855 Kč s DPH,

Velikost textil Dostupnost Cena s DPH Množství (ks)
M 5 - 15 prac. dní 855 Kč
L Skladem Těšín 855 Kč

Get the high-performance LB compression calf sleeve, that’s packed with technology. Complement your ASICS running shoes with a calf sleeve that can help to stabilise your muscles while on the move. And its infra-red tech that can help boost your blood circulation and energy.

Run for hours with more energy thanks to the supportive construction of the calf sleeve.

  • Stabilise your muscles with compression fabric
  • Energise your lower legs with infra-red technology that can help boost your blood circulation

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