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Výrobce: Asics
Kód produktu: 134061 0779

950 Kč s DPH, Běžná cena 1 900 Kč , Ušetříte 950 Kč s DPH (50%) Skladem Těšín

Běžná cena: 1 900 Kč - Ušetříte: 950 Kč
950 Kč s DPH,

Velikost textilu Dostupnost Cena s DPH Množství (ks)
S Skladem Těšín 950 Kč

By day it's a warm, comfortable tight designed for performance. Come nightfall it's also a light-up-the-night showstopper thanks to its tonal reflective tape.

The brushed fabric regulates your temperature to keep out the cold while guarding against overheating.

  • Make sure you're seen with glow-in-the-dark details
  • Keep your house keys secure in a zipped back pocket
  • Get them on and off quickly with a zip at the waistband

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