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540 Kč s DPH, Běžná cena 675 Kč , Ušetříte 135 Kč s DPH (20%) Skladem Praha

Běžná cena: 675 Kč - Ušetříte: 135 Kč
540 Kč s DPH,

Velikost textil Dostupnost Cena s DPH Množství (ks)
M Skladem Praha 540 Kč

For runners who like to brave the winter cold,the WINTER GLOVES are an essential accessory to keep your hands comfortablywarm.

These gloves are specially designed to:

keep your hands warm with the Windlocker on the gloves’ backside
maintain your comfort with the fabric’s moisture management andbreathability
be lightweight and easy to pack
offer a handy touch function on the index finger for using your phoneor music player
ensure your visibility when running in the dark with the reflectiveASICS logo

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