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Výrobce: Garmin
Kód produktu: 010-11092-00

1 990 Kč s DPH Do 5 prac. dnů

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Forerunner® 50
Forerunner® 60
Forerunner® 210
Forerunner® 305
Forerunner® 310XT
Forerunner® 405
Forerunner® 405CX
Forerunner® 610
Forerunner® 620

GARMIN® FOOT POD (SDM4) :: The new Garmin® Foot Pod is a superlight foot pod for transmitting distance and pace data to your Garmin® heart rate monitor or speed and distance monitor. Small enough to securely attach to shoelaces or under the insoles of certain running shoes. 500 hour battery life!

Features & Benefits:
Small enough to attach to your shoelaces or fit in the mid-sole pocket of compatible shoes
Replaceable watch battery that lasts up to a year of training
Analyzes your movements and is responsive to stride-length changes to achieve 98% accuracy for speed and distance

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